Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Cell Cashier will pay the full value if the iPhone(s) received are in acceptable condition, as defined below. For those who select PayPal as the payment method, payment will be issued within one business day after the iPhone clears the testing and verification process. Shipment and sale of iPhone(s) to Cell Cashier confirms your acceptance of our price and below terms.


Cell Cashier determines condition according to the following condition-ranking scale:

Flawless condition: iPhone is in brand new cosmetic condition, comes with all new original accessories and its own original box (with the same IMEI numbers) and fully functional (powers on, makes and receives calls, has no water damage). iPhone should not have an iCloud activate lock or password.

Good condition: iPhone is in good cosmetic condition, comes with some accessories, and is fully functional (powers on, makes and receives calls, has no water damage), though it may have some minor signs of wear and tear. iPhone should not have an iCloud activate lock or password.

Poor condition: iPhone is in fair cosmetic condition, comes with some accessories, and is fully functional (powers on, makes and receives calls, has no water damage), but shows significant signs of wear and tear, including substantial wear, scuffs, scratches, and might have some cracks on the screen. iPhone should not have an iCloud activate lock or password.

All iPhones must be functional in order to receive payment, which applies to all components of the iPhone (cameras, microphones, speakers, etc.). They must power up properly and successfully perform a test call. They cannot have any form of water damage. All iPhones must have a working battery and a valid ESN or IMEI number. They cannot have an active account with any wireless service provider and cannot have been reported lost or stolen. Purchase price may vary based on the actual cosmetic condition, such as but not limited to significant wear or scratching of the handset, or pieces that are glued to the iPhone.

If iPhone(s) have service with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile, these accounts must be deactivated. iPhone(s) that have an account with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile must be deactivated with no outstanding balance on the account, and must be able to be activated by another user. Cell Cashier will not buy iPhone(s) that have service with Nextel, Metro PCS, Cricket Wireless, Alltel, AMPD Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Qwest Communications, Tracfone, Ntelos, Midwest Wireless, Bluegrass, Simple Freedom, Smart Talk, Cellcom, Cbeyond, Boost Unlimited, Credo, Cellular South, Unicel, Element, Common Cents, Cox Wireless, Consumer Cellular, Appalachian Wireless, i-Wireless, any prepaid cell service, any company that no longer offers service, or any international carrier.


Cell Cashier will pay the full listed price for a handset in good cosmetic condition that functions properly. Cell Cashier may make an offer for some percentage of the original value based on the handset�s condition and resale value. The offer will be sent by email to the email address provided by the user during the original transaction. If the offer is not acceptable, Cell Cashier will return iPhone shipment free of charge.

iPhone(s) will be held for a maximum of 30 days after providing an adjusted offer. If the adjusted offer is accepted, the payment will be made upon receipt of the iPhone. Cell Cashier does not take any responsibility for user delays. The user must respond via email, to support@CellCashier.com to any adjusted offer within three business days, or Cell Cashier will proceed to process the shipment with the adjusted offer. Cell Cashier guarantees that the user will receive an iPhone of the same model, but not necessarily the exact same iPhone. Thirty days after the original submission of an order, Cell Cashier will consider the order void.

If the iPhone returned is not the handset listed in the original transaction and the phone listed is in our database upon receipt, Cell Cashier will pay the price listed in the database for the phone received. If the iPhone is not listed in the database or the iPhone is broken or has significant damage, Cell Cashier will make an adjusted offer to the user by email. If the iPhone is missing any component, payment may be delayed for up to two weeks. iPhone(s) with password/activation/iCloud lock or that are extremely worn will be returned to the original owner, even if they are functional.


The user has sole responsibility for discontinuing service on iPhone(s) sold to Cell Cashier before shipping the iPhone. Cell Cashier is not responsible for airtime charges accrued prior to, during, or after a transaction. The original user and service provider assume all responsibility for resolving any payment issues.


Cell Cashier assumes no responsibility for iPhone(s) that are lost or damaged in transit. All shipments on Cell Cashier are free and have tracking numbers but it is the user�s responsibility to insure the shipment and/or arrange delivery confirmation if desired. If an iPhone cannot be located, the user must provide the ESN or IMEI number of the iPhone so it can be located. Cell Cashier records all ESN and IMEI numbers received.


Upon arrival to Cell Cashier, iPhone memory will be professionally erased and the iPhone will be restored to its original settings. The user assumes responsibility for removing any and all personal information from the iPhone before shipment, including but not limited to e-mail or personal addresses, photos, downloaded files, password information, and contact information.


In general, payment will be sent within first 24 hours after the phone is accepted. If there is an issue with the condition of the phone, users will receive an adjusted offer via email. If this offer is not acceptable, Cell Cashier will return iPhone shipment free of charge. If the offer is accepted, the adjusted payment will be made based on the date of the original order. The user must respond to an adjusted trade offer within three business days, or Cell Cashier will assume the offer is acceptable and proceed with the shipment process. Cell Cashier assumes no responsibility for user delays. Our business checks are usually received within first 3-5 days and our PayPal payments are instant. Please note: PayPal will charge your account 4%-5% fee on all PayPal payments.


You must be at least 18 years of age to utilize this service. Cell Cashier will not accept iPhone(s) from minors. Cell Cashier also does not accept lost or stolen iPhone(s). The user assumes all responsibility for verifying that the iPhone has not been reported lost or stolen, as well as responsibility for any legal issues that may arise from lost or stolen iPhone(s). All stolen, lost or counterfeited iPhones will be reported to the local police department.


All prices are subject to change without notice. Cell Cashier reserves the right to void any transaction and return the phone to the user without any prior notice. Cell Cashier offers expire in 25 days. Should you wait longer than 25 days after receiving a quote to send in your item, we will issue a re-quote by email.

If you have any questions please contact us at: support@CellCashier.com

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