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Super easy and quick payment! I will use Cell Cashier again for sure.
Dean Kadda
May 6 2022
Highly recommended. Best price for your trade-in. Prompt payment through PayPal. Flawless service twice in the row! Will use again next year.
James Winters
Apr 23 2022
Very easy process and fast! I would highly recommend them. Will definitely use their services again.
Thomas Garcia
Apr 9 2022
Fast, easy, and I received best price out there
Michael Kessler
Mar 18 2022
Very smooth process and great price
Mar 13 2022
I’m not going to lie at first I was very hesitant shipping my iPhone 12 Max since I couldn’t find a lot of reviews, so I took the chance and shipped my iPhone listed at good condition. I received an email saying that everything was all set and got my payment through PayPal from them the same day when they received my phone. Safe to say they're legit and very fair business. I will do business if I’m in need of selling my phone again!
Fariba Deam
Feb 10 2022
Highly recommended. Great experience!
Jonathan Spratt
Jan 22 2022
Fantastic experience. I will be using Cell Cashier going forward.
Eric Coker
Dec 28 2021
Great price, superb communication, and their service amazingly easy to use. I had an issue with my check, so only 4 star ratings. USPS lost my check in the mail but CellCashier replaced my check swiftly within a few days. I would recommend them.
Suzanne Chapo
Dec 17 2021
Way to go Cell Cashier! I received the best price for my used iPhone 12 mini. Great service overall! I will come back again next year
Gary Ham
Dec 3 2021
Some of the easiest folks to do business with. Very quick PayPal payment. 5 out of 5 stars company!
Nov 19 2021
Great experience, easy and honest!
Renee Buchanan
Nov 2 2021
Very quick process - stayed true to estimated costs and had excellent communication throughout the process. I would recommend them any time to my friends!
Oct 14 2021
Great communication and prompt payment. Great experience overall
Sep 21 2021
Very easy and simple process. I knew exactly what I would be getting dollar wise for each model as well as condition. Payment was quick. Will use their service again to sell my iPhone 12 Pro when the iPhone 13 Pro comes out.
Nikita Justin
Sep 10 2021
Incredibly easy process. Superior communication at every step along the way and very fast payment! Thank you!!
Karen Shiver
Sep 6 2021
Very quick payment. Easy process and no games! Would use Cell Cashier again next time around
Kevin Miller
Sep 2 2021
So easy! They even provided a package for shipping! They kept me updated when they received my iPhone and they also were quick to send the agreed upon amount. I’ll definitely be using them again next year!
Melissa Hays
Aug 17 2021
This is the third time I have used Cell Cashier. They are quick, reliable, and trust worthy. Would definitely recommend them!
Jul 6 2021
Communication was great with timely responses. The descriptions of phone and conditions was initially a bit not clear, but I was given thorough explanation after the fact which helped a lot. I wish they had a physical location as well, but overall one great company!
Dave Fischer
Jun 24 2021
Easy process. Great price given. Wonderful communication
Samuel Niles
Jun 21 2021
Cell Cashier was great! I received top dollar for my iPhone 11 Pro, way more than other online companies would offer!
Jun 3 2021
It was a great experience! Sent in my iPhone XR and then received my money in two days.
May 11 2021
Great customer service, got paid for my iPhone X exactly what I was qouted. All process took just a few days and their payment was instant through PayPal.
Brittany Gordon
May 2 2021
My third time using this service. They are timely, trustworthy, and actually offer the most money for a used iPhone. Will use again fo sure
Julie Carter
Mar 16 2021
Excellent experience and exceeded all expectations. I sold my iPhone 11 Pro and they did everything promised and on time. GREAT TRADE IN PRICES!
Matt Pearo
Jan 28 2021
Very honest company. Payment was what exacted quoted, and it was processed promptly. I was kept updated when my package was received and processed by Cell Cashier and then when my payment was sent to me.
Grace N
Jan 9 2021
Precise, honest, prompt! Will use again
Kim Stern
Dec 22 2020
Excellent experience! Cell Cashier offers the best price on used phones, promptly pays you, and promptly answers by emails any questions you might have. I am extremely glad I used them for selling my used iPhone XS
Dec 1 2020
Fast shipping from and to. Payed exactly what I was quoted. They payed more than Apple or my phone carrier. Great experience overall!
Kate Miner
Oct 13 2020
Great experience! Timely, responsive, and I received the best offer out there.
John Ware
Sep 26 2020
The entire selling process was extremely easy. Their customer services is outstanding. Received an email from them as soon as they received and processed my iPhone. Thank you for the great service Cell Cashier!
Jeremy Koons
Sep 4 2020
Easy peasy and I received the best price for my iPhone 8 Plus. Would use Cell Cashier again! Highly recommended.
Joshua M
Aug 25 2020
Very impressive company and experience with them. I have used them locally in Northern Virginia. I received top dollar for both of my phones, and their service was superior. I highly recommend using Cell Cashier!
Dolly Kimbrell
Aug 10 2020
The best trade in price from all iPhone trade in companies! Very responsive and kept me up to date on status. Quick transaction too.
Jessica Mayors
Jun 19 2020
Great experience! Timely communication and payment sent quickly.
Michael Adams
Apr 12 2020
Shipping took a little bit longer than usual (3 days) but I blame the USPS. Anyway, I received by far the most money for my iPhone X than on Gazelle or any other site I checked out and the process was so simple and easy!
Edward Lenahan
Mar 26 2020
The process was quick and very efficient. Plus their buy back prices were the highest. I will definitely use them again next year.
Thomas Fiallos
Jan 8 2020
Sold my iphone x. Paid the highest and fast! Second phone I have sold to cell cashier. By far the best out there!
Kevin Kenjerski
Nov 3 2019
The process was easy and I got my money within 48 hours of putting it in the mail. Amazing concise customer service.
Paula Reid
Oct 14 2019
Cell Cashier's service was the best from start to finish. They sent me a label, kept communication with every step and I received my check super fast! I would highly recommend their service
Glenn Miller
Sep 26 2019
This is my 2nd phone for sell with Cellcashier. They are a realiable source for selling iPhones, I highly recommend. The process is easy and they are there to help if necessary.
Feb 8 2019
Great service! Easy order placement, clear instructions, tracking, quick PayPal deposit. These guys are doing it right. Thank you!
Alexander Yaroshenko
Dec 4 2018
Their offers on iPhones are higher than any site I can find. Easily double NextWorth or Gazelle. Beyond that, their customer service is incredible. I have used their site 4 times now, when new iPhone season comes around, is a no brainer, for me.
Alex Ryan Bellamey
Oct 16 2018
Cell Cashier was very easy to use and we received our check a couple of days after we mailed in our phone! Will definitely be using them again in the future.
Crystal Harvey
Sep 17 2018
Cell Cashier offered more money for my iPhone than any other site & I received a check in the mail a few days after shipment
Alec Yale
Aug 26 2018
Best place to sell used cell phones on the web. Honest assessment and prompt payment.
Cynthia Spanhel
Jul 24 2018
Great company paid as promised for my two iPhone 5s. Would definitely do business with this company again.
Geraldine Kordes Guthrie
Apr 5 2018
This was the first time I used Cell Cashier and I will definitely be using them in the future! It was very simple and quick!
Kathy Playford
Mar 3 2018
Got more money than my carrier offered and a quick payment!
Matt Mason
Feb 15 2018
Simple and easy way to get the most from your old devices. I am usually skeptical about mailing things and waiting for payment, but Cell Cashier was fast and exceeded my expectations.
John Rains
Feb 6 2018
Fast, great price on phone, and easy process.
Debra Milling
Jan 25 2018
My first time use of Cell Cashier was a breeze! It was easy to select the condition of my iPhone, and to use their Pre-Paid mailing label with my own packaging. Payment was FAST! Cell Cashier is THE way to go!
Todd Greeno
Jan 20 2018
This is such a great service. Answer a few questions about your phone and you get a CASH offer for it, along with a prepaid shipping envelope. I had a check in my mailbox 48 hours after I put the phone in the mail!
Brendan Stuhan
Jan 5 2018
Service is exactly as advertised. Turnaround was very fast, and staff was very responsive to emailed inquiries.
Gregory H. Andrews
Jan 2 2018
This is an excellent company. Shipping to them is pr-paid (your packaging or theirs); their emails keep you up to date on the status of your sale; and they deliver payment promptly as promised. Instead of trading in my old phone for a gift certificate usable only at one company, I sold it to Cell Cashier for cash, and at higher price than I expected from the phone manufacturer.
Bruce Leslie
Dec 16 2017
This is the first time I've used Cell Cashier and the process was flawless. The packaging materials quickly arrived, I mailed the phone in and my check was sent immediately. I will definitely use Cell Cashier in the future.
Howard Kauffman
Dec 7 2017
Wonderful to deal with and the best price I found to sell my phone.
David Beyda
Nov 20 2017
Very quick and easy! No problems at all!
Jeremy Vazquez-Kessel
Nov 15 2017
I sold my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro to Cell Cashier and everything went very well. Their new website is cool and very easy to navigate. I think they have simple selling process, fair prices, and the best customer service I have experienced in this industry!
Randy Cohones
Nov 8 2017
Had an excellent experience with CELL CASHIER; easy to follow instructions and after mailing of phone was promptly paid as per our agreement.
Bill Greer
Nov 2 2017
Shipping was really fast! Amazing service. Wish I heard about you guys earlier before I sold my older iPhone to a Kiosk a year ago. I definitely will be selling to you guys again in the future! Thanks again!
Zackary Petch-Blevins
Oct 17 2017
I've had so many issues with companies that offer a higher number, then always say they can only pay less. Cellcashier gave an honest offer and paid it 2 days after I sent my phone out. Great company! Thank you!
Jordan David
Jun 7 2017
This is the third iPhone I have sold to Cell Cashier, and I have always had a great experience. They are fast, provide packaging and postage, and give you the highest offer of any of the online trade-in companies. I would recommend them to anyone trying to get rid of their old phone.
Adam O'Neil
Jun 3 2017
Easy, fast & efficient.
Rick King
May 19 2017
A Quick easy way to get rid of your old cell phone. Very pleased with their service.
Trent Bishop
Apr 27 2017
Great alternative to businesses like Gazelle. More bang for your buck!
Roma Faahbaah
Apr 20 2017
I don't usually write too many reviews, but this one had to do. I have sold quite a few phones to Cell Cashier and my experience has been nothing short of top notch. Communication is great and the checks come quick. There is no need to use anyone else. Thanks Cell Cashier.
Tom Y
Mar 23 2017
Great price, fast payment! Definitely would recommend their service.
Tracy Coopmans
Mar 9 2017
Very Easy to work with. Received check in the mail fast!
Jennifer Pace Snoderly
Feb 7 2017
Great experience. Compared all the different company's and they paid the highest $$. Paid the promised amount unlike other companies I have dealt with and received payment very quickly through Paypal. Would use them again!
Neil Benjamin
Jan 22 2017
Got a decent deal on my wife's old iPhone 5c as compared to other well known websites. Will definitely do business again in future. They will give you a competitive price for your old iPhones. Definitely recommended
Ashish Mulye
Jan 15 2017
I have sold several phones to Cell Cashier. Their payments are quick and the process is easy. I have no hesitations using them in the future or recommending them to my friends and family. One of my checks was lost in the mail, but Cell Cashier quickly responded to my email, fixed the issue, and reissued payment immediately to me. Great support. Thanks, Cell Cashier!
Cameron Rebarchek
Jan 12 2017
I can only confirm what others have said: I couldn't be more pleased. Great price for our phones (and I got quotes from several others), 0 hassles, prompt check, clear instructions. Wish all companies were this efficient.
Brooks Bridges
Dec 28 2016
Great experience. Compared all the different company's and they paid the highest $$. Received my payment very quickly. Would use them again!
Bobbie Sheedy
Dec 24 2016
I use this company every single time I sell an iPhone and I have done research on prices and this place gives the best deal out of them all. Definitely recommend!
Tyler Gordon
Dec 16 2016
Have been selling my used iPhones to them for years (1-2 per year actually) and they offer more than Gazelle and others and are quick to send shipping package, e-mails and check. Excellent company and HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
Dennis Cimmino
Nov 29 2016
After reading the 5 star reviews, I decided to use Cell cashier to sell my iPhone 6. Let me tell you I am impressed at how easy and quick the process was. I had my check in 3 days once they received my phone and at the price quoted. Nice job Cell Cashier !
Mark Hand
Nov 25 2016
Although I didn't have any direct communication with anyone, the service was just as advertised and the check came quickly. They definitely had the best offer out there.
Tom Sargous
Nov 20 2016
Quickly received my money via PayPal. One of the highest offers of all the services I checked. I would recommend them.
Bruce Henderson
Nov 3 2016
Cell Cashier -- Great company to deal with. They offered the best price on my used iPhone and responded quickly with a check. And now I'm sending them my second iPhone since we just received the new one.
Robbie Voy
Oct 26 2016
Cell Cashier is great! I shopped around and they definitely offered the highest price for my iPhone 6 Plus. I received my payment as promised and it was a very quick and easy process.
Sara Arnold
Oct 3 2016
Very happy with Cell Cashier. Fair price for the phones and have always received the exact amount they quoted on the website. No bait and switch from them!
Joe Cozzoni
Sep 29 2016
I sent in my 2 iphones and got a check in payment from Cell Cashier. Thanks.
Trieu Hoang
Sep 23 2016
Cell Cashier offered the best rate for my phone, and the PayPal payment was processed very quickly. There was a ~3% fee to use PayPal versus waiting for a mailed check.
Michael Reid
Sep 15 2016

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