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When and how will I receive payment?

Payment is issued the day your iPhone arrives at our processing facility. If you selected PayPal as your payment method, the amount will be credited to your PayPal account that day. If you selected a business check as the method of payment, the check will be mailed that day and should arrive within three business days.

How can I track the status of my order?

Tracking the status of your order is easy. Simply email us at support@CellCashier.com for an update on the status of your order. We will be able to view the complete status of your order from when we receive it until when the payment is sent.

What if you disagree with the condition I have selected for my iPhone?

If the condition or model of the iPhone we receive does not match the description submitted online, we will e-mail you with a revised quote. If you are not satisfied with this quote, we will return your iPhone free of charge. Returned items will be sent via USPS Priority Mail and should arrive within 3-4 business days.

Will my Cell Cashier offer ever expire?

Yes, offers expire 25 days after they are issued. If you send in your iPhone after this time period, we will issue a new quote to you by e-mail.

How do I ship my iPhone?

When you submit your order, you have the option to request free shipping material from Cell Cashier or to supply your own. If you choose to receive shipping material from us, we will send a prepaid label and shipping package, which should arrive within three business days. Once you receive them, place your iPhone(s) in the package and seal it with tape and then just drop your mailing package off at your local USPS blue box or your local USPS office. If you choose to supply your own materials, print your free label from the checkout page and attach it to your package. Pack your iPhone carefully, making sure that it is well protected, and drop off the package at your local USPS blue box or your local USPS office.

Do I need to erase the data from my iPhone?

It is recommended that you erase all data from your iPhone and restore it to the original settings, but erasing data is not a requirement before sending your iPhone. Once we receive it, we will destroy the SIM card and erase all existing data before restoring your iPhone to its factory settings. We take your privacy very seriously and will make sure all personal data has been erased before recycling your device.

What to do before selling your iPhone?

Step-by-Step Instructions from Apple

How much does shipping cost?

You can ship your device to Cell Cashier free of charge! We provide prepaid labels for all orders.

How long does it take for Cell Cashier's shipping kit to arrive?

Your shipping kit will arrive through USPS First Class mail within first 2-3 business days after we receive your order.

What is your Privacy Policy or Terms of Service?

Here you can click and review our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Have any more questions? Email us at support@CellCashier.com

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